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.Net ActiveButtons Library | Monday, March 05, 2007

About The Library

ActiveButtons is a .Net code library which allows developers to very quickly and easily add additional buttons to the Windows title bar along-side the standard maximise, minimise and close buttons. Read article.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7 (including Aero)
  • Windows Vista (including Aero)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

The library offers unique support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 aero glass.

In supporting the Vista platform the library uniquely overcomes the restrictions of Vista. This is due to the fact that the non-client area is rendered outside of the GDI in Vista, which otherwise prevents custom drawing in the title bar.

Code Sample

The following code sample shows just how easy it is to add a custom button to the title bar using the ActiveButtons library.

 IActiveMenu menu = ActiveMenu.GetInstance(form);
 ActiveButton button = new ActiveButton();
 button.Text = "One";
 button.Click += new EventHandler(button_Click);

For further information see the demo application included in the download above.

Update: The full source is now available in the download above.


Warren Williams said...

Any idea if this works with Windows 8 and 10?


TheCodeKing said...

It was written a long time ago for Windows Vista. The source code is there and the principle is pretty basic. It should be possible to amend if necessary.

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