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Twitter The Undiscovered Truth | Saturday, July 09, 2011

Suspect Activity Detected

Here's a thought. I recently became active on Twitter. Having never really used it before I thought I should embrace the technology in order to help me better understand what is quickly becoming my industry.

Within 3 days I have about 40 followers. Fair enough I posted my Twitter name on various sites and I expect to get some followers who might be interested in my articles. But here's the thing, I'm getting an usual amount of young ladies following me and I have to wonder why.

Yes I know what you're thinking, but even with my good looks I'm still a geek writing about geeky things. So why on earth would an 18 year old babe from California be interested in anything I have to say?

A Pessimist's Theory

So heres my pessimistic theory. If I were a shrewd entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to provide Twitter accounts pre-populated with followers in the magnitude of 10s of thousands of users, then here's what I'd do.

I'd write a bot to harvest Twitter user accounts by auto following users just often enough to stay under the radar. I'd set up that follower account with pictures of hot girls with names like Thumper and Sandy and give them cute profiles like "I love lollipops" and "looking to make friends".

For every 5 accounts I follow I'd probably get about 3 follow me back. Over time my accounts would ripen and be ready for market. A quick change in username, picture and profile, and I'd be ready to cash in the account to some high flying exec for $$$. A CEO profile to boast status, power, and influence among their peers, or a powerful marketing tool providing an instant voice to 1000s.

The Million Dollar Question

Now it's just a theory, and it could well be I'm just too damn good looking for my own good, who's to say! However a quick search for Twitter accounts for sale and the evidence speaks for itself.

Now here's the million dollar question. Do I publish this article and inform others of my findings in a selfless stride to make the world a better place? Or do I get straight to work building a bigger & better bot of my own!

Screw it I'll do both ;)

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